Constrained systems and projection algorithm

Projection operator and robust adaptive systems

Projection algorithm is a leading method for robust adaptive control and parameter boundedness in the presence of disturbance. This method is widely used in adaptive controllers’ implementation. The continuity and nice properties of projection algorithm simplify the Lyapunov stability proofs for stability and boundedness.

New projection operator to limit magnitude and rate

The proposed projection operator can be employed to bound actuator signals, in terms of both magnitude and rate, for uncertain systems with redundant actuators. Besides, this new operator provides some properties required for ensuring stability and boundedness of the signals. This algorithm can also be employed for adaptive control systems.

Related references

Shahab Tohidi and Yildiray Yildiz, “Handling actuator magnitude and rate saturation in uncertain over-actuated systems: A modified projection algorithm approach,” International Journal of Control, 2020.