Hello and welcome.

I am a postdoctoral researcher at Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Denmark Technical University. Also, I am a Mathematics and AI specialist at Climify, where the goal is to improve thermal comfort of residential buildings by analyzing human-in-the-loop data and smart control methodologies.

My recent research focuses on the modelling and control of smart energy systems. Specifically, I use stochastic system identification along with statistical analysis to identify appropriate models for the control purposes. In addition, controlling and shifting energy demand using modern control strategies is my other field of research. Currently, I am working on adaptive flexibility function, and optimal inverse mapping, to provide online price signal for the MPC and to collaborate with aggregators, DSOs, and TSOs, which are active players of energy systems.

My previous research was about adaptive and nonlinear control of Cyber-Physical Human Systems (CPHSs). These complex systems are affected by redundancy, uncertainty, constraints, human behaviours, cyber-attacks. etc. To this end, I developed techniques for control of uncertain over-actuated systems considering actuators’ static and dynamic nonlinearities. In parallel, I proposed criteria to predict Human-In-The-Loop stability and performance. Also, I proposed a novel adaptive human decision-making model able to mimic human behaviour in the presence of uncertainty.

I utilize some tools from linear, nonlinear, and adaptive control theories, optimization algorithms, time-delayed system theories, optimization theories, set-stability analysis, and real and statistical analysis in my research. Please visit the Research section of this website where you can find a detailed description of my current research.